The degrees of misunderstanding in our home can disrupt the warmth of our safe haven. We need to reverse engineer our roadmap to relationship goals when we are faced with potentially damaging potholes.
Keep the heat in, all while keeping an eye on the thermostat! We call this climate control!


About Max De La Cruz

Author, speaker

Author, speaker, husband and father, Max De La Cruz wants to jumpstart the mindset of his public.
In 2019, he decides to focus on his calling rather than his passion: as a rap artist, he trades his microphone to become a speaker. With 15 years within the procurement industry, needless to say that Max has seen his share of negotiations between two parties.
It comes to no surprise, however, that when dealing with matters of the heart, the truth becomes the ultimate common denominator.

Max wants to shed light upon the vulnerabilities of the various levels of relationships. In a world dominated by filters, transparency is key! He is eager to share his positive mindset towards life and the beauty that surrounds it.