Vanessa Grondin TedxLaval 2017

Food packaging: Making the best of a bad situation

Food packaging is all around us. Its development in the past 50 years has been instrumental for the improvement of food quality and security.
Where we gained in practicality and security, we lost in our capacity to manage waste materials and our environmental footprint.


About Vanessa Grondin

Vanessa Grondin is a food engineer who has worked in the food industry for over ten years. Her interests lie in innovative packaging materials and food safety which, beyond the preservation process and packaging integrity, also considers the product lifecycle, including packaging breakdown.

Involved in her community, she is a member of the board of Moisson Québec, and is president and co-founder of the Executive MBA Alumni at Université Laval. She served on the organizing committee for the 2016 Junior Chamber International World Congress, which was awarded the Fidéide for Business Event of the Year by the Québec City Chamber of Commerce in 2017.


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