Paula Toledo TEDxLAVAL 2018

Why Wonder is the Bridge to Healing Stigma

I believe in the power of Wonder, and how it can bring out our child-like curiosity and be a self-healing resource for grief and trauma. I will share my personal journey as a survivor, and how my relationship with Wonder has transformed my quest to understand mental illness and mysterious tragic life events into a more purposeful life filled with compassion and gratitude.

About Paula Toledo

Paula Toledo is the founder of Ode to Wonder, a positive change and mental well-being blog and podcast that pays homage to wonder; the spirit of inquisitiveness where discovery meets gratitude. She is also a published singer-songwriter. Her music, produced by Grammy award-winning producer David Odlum, has been featured on television and in films worldwide.

Paula Toledo is also a mental health advocate. As a caregiver to a family member living with a mental illness and survivor of her late husband’s suicide, she is using her voice and professional experience in communications to crush the stigma surrounding mental illness, while raising awareness for wellness by co-founding an emerging tech venture, Welltech Innovations.