Peter Hartman TEDxLAVAL 2018

Happy for a Change: Turning happiness into an engine of change

What we give our attention to becomes a greater part of our experience. Solutions to life’s challenges abound, but need our attention to flourish. Reshaping our reality feels good. Let’s channel our desire for pleasure into improving the world.

Happy for a Change promotes using simple actions to create big change, turning tools of distraction, like smartphones, into empowerment tools.

About Peter Hartman

Peter Hartman is a notable motivational speaker and personal empowerment consultant for individuals and organizations. Using positive thinking principles, he seeks to share a common sense approach to creating well-being in people’s daily lives.

For nearly a decade, he has been encouraging audiences to redefine assumptions. He has shared his philosophy of purpose and meaningful actions with local groups, on the radio, through online content, and to students in different countries. Now the founder of Happy for a Change, he is promoting a deliberate social and cultural shift centering on selfishness as an engine for substantial change.

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