Marc-Olivier Schüle TedxLaval 2017

Artificial intelligence in support of mental health

What is the most serious mental health issue facing us today? The answer may surprise you: it’s a lack of information. But how can we keep up with the endless stream of information on this topic?

I am putting forward a bold idea: why not use new technologies? What if artificial intelligence became your best friend?


About Marc-Olivier Schüle

Marc-Olivier Schüle is an innovative entrepreneur, psychoeducator, and doctoral student specializing in evidence-based practices and knowledge transfer in the field.

Seeing that most research is actually never used, he committed to changing this situation by improving access to scientific information in order to provide psychosocial support workers with the best possible screening, diagnostic and intervention tools.

He has developed a strong interest in the impact of new technologies and artificial intelligence in these areas. He is co-founder of several organizations where his research findings are applied, including Unipsed and the Polyvalence publishing company.


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