Corey Fleischer

Erasing Hate

My quest for a deeper meaning in life has led me to take action and turn a pastime into a life mission. That is how “Erasing Hate” came to be.

It is the first movement of its kind that locates and eliminates hate speech graffiti for free, stopping the cycle of hate, one hate speech at a time, by educating and inspiring our communities.

About Corey Fleischer

Corey Fleischer found out early that he had a learning disability. For years, he did not know what he wanted to do in life. Through his talent as a hockey player, he got a scholarship to study abroad. There, he was told it was OK to learn and think differently, and turned his learning disability into one of his greatest strengths. Still today, Corey’s thought process is always outside the box.

Entrepreneur at heart, Corey found his calling through a pastime, and has never looked back. This gave him what he longed for and made him feel complete. It then became a global movement, also changing the lives of thousands of people around the world.