Mark Morin TEDxLAVAL 2018

Building sustainable relationships that bring brands and people closer

Today’s customer is skeptical, connected and well informed. Mass marketing as we know it is gone for good. Brands need to stop talking at their customers and start seeing the world through their eyes. Using AI, technology and customer data, they need to truly know their customers, build trust and emotional connections, and create customer relationships that last.

About Mark Morin

As a customer relationship builder, Mark has devoted the past 35+ years to bringing brands and people closer. He is an author, trainer, professional speaker and an expert in the field of relationship and cognitive marketing. His work focuses on creating lasting customer relationships between brands and their customers through relevant, personalized and creative marketing campaigns and programs. He has been teaching relationship marketing at Université de Montréal since 1998. Each year, he presents a host of keynotes and workshops throughout North America.

His clients include national and international brands in tourism, leisure and travel, beauty and cosmetics, financial services and B2B. In 2009, he published a book on the importance of personalization and relevance in marketing communication titled Talk to Me! Get personal, get relevant, get more customers!


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