Let’s Make A Baby

We trust that we are told everything we need to know about our body and how babies are made. We also trust the saying “you can have it all” – the travel, the studies, the career AND the baby. Yet, one in six Canadians is struggling with infertility…

About Kim Sullivan

Weather Specialist + Community Reporter

Born and raised in Montreal, Kim Sullivan earned 3 degrees, traveled to over 30 countries and lived on 3 continents before becoming a teacher for the deaf. Though she loved her students, she decided to follow her dream of working in media. After radio stints in Montreal, Winnipeg and Ottawa, Kim moved back to her hometown, where she now lives with her two Yorkies!

Fifteen years after making the jump to media, Kim can now be found on the air, bright and early, on Global News Morning.

She has blogged extensively about her fertility journey in her blog “In Kim’s Head”. Sharing her struggles on her road to motherhood has given her a new purpose and hope that one day she will be able to add mom to her bio!