Marie-Claude Lepine

What if, at birth, you were told that your first 15 years would also be your last?

The average lifespan of Canadians is 81 years. Given this relatively long lapse of time, do we have a tendency, as human beings, not to value it very highly? And what if, at birth, you were told that your first 15 years would also be your last, how would you experience childhood? Would you think about your future, about retirement? It is hard to imagine how these can overlap, and yet…


About Marie-Claude Lépine

At two years of age, Marie-Claude Lépine was diagnosed with a severe degenerative neuromuscular disease. She was given only 13 years to live! Through the eyes of a child, she observed the outside world, listened to her inner Self, and discovered the meaning of life. Without asking herself too many questions about the “how”, she followed her calling. At 16, she had an elevator built in her high school, and got involved in her community.

A few years later, she enrolled in university, got married and, like many other, also got divorced. In her thirties, she wrote, slammed poetry, and travelled the world. For 20 years, she shared her experiences in schools. Today in her forties, as a professional speaker, she talks about the way she perceives life, and shares her outlook about herself and the world, because she believes that our outlook on life is what shapes who we are.