Mat Boulé

The power of the brain-body connection:  harnessing our potential to move, learn and think better

Moving, learning and thinking are highly interdependent functions that define the way we live. In recent years, posturology – physical therapy with the brain in mind – has been at the forefront of reprogramming the brain, allowing individuals to access the core of who they are, so they can be all that they are meant to be.


About Mat Boulé

Passionate about the human body and specialized in total postural reprogramming, Mat Boulé has one goal in mind:  to rapidly improve the way the body functions. Osteopath, posturologist and educator, he leverages his high level of qualifications to help individuals, young and old, who experience joint, muscle and neurological pain, as well as balance disorders. His expertise in postural development among 0-5 year-olds has enabled him to make meaningful connections between posturology, learning, the brain, and the body. He has been studying cognitive neuroscience since 2001, with the aim of increasing attention span and memory.