Call for Talk Proposals
TEDxLaval, November 20th, 2024

TEDxLaval showcases innovators, creators, researchers, thinkers, people who inspire others and drive change. Do you know such people? Perhaps you are one of them?

If you know an individual whose idea, concept, project, or accomplishment is worth sharing, here’s what we are looking for:

TEDxLaval is an event featuring the latest trends, innovations, and experiences that are off the beaten path. “Customized” testimonials for an audience that is seeking original – not rehashed – material, and cutting-edge information. Content that they can relate to, and that will have a profound effect on them.

Please read these instructions before submitting an application:

• The application process for 2024 begins on June 14th, 2024 and ends on August 28th, 2024 at midnight.

The theme for TEDxLaval 2024 is “BUILDING TRUST”. As usual, this is a broad theme which is not meant to be restrictive, but rather to guide the ideas that will be shared. The term Climate would bring the environment to mind, but it’s also about climate in the workplace, within our communities, or in relationships between men and women, to name just a few.
• All TEDxLaval talks must comply with a format of 15-minutes of less.
• No speaker will be paid, as TEDxLaval is a not-for-profit event.

Three-minute video
Send us a short video, i.e. under three minutes, summarizing the talk that you are proposing. A simple video made with a smart phone will do just fine. No professional shooting or complex editing. We just want to see your passion, your energy, your knowledge of the topic.

• First, complete the application form.

• Then, shoot a video of less than three minutes.
• Name the file “FirstName, LastName, TEDxLaval2024”.
• Send us the video using WeTransfer.
• In WeTransfer’s “Email to” field, write

A few answers to your questions

• Can I submit an application for myself? Of course.
• Can I be both speaker and partner? This is forbidden.
• I am not from Laval, can I still submit a talk proposal? Definitely!

A few rules

Advertising: Advertising, product placement and marketing are not allowed during your talk.

Science 101: New Age, Ouija, and “little green men” types of talks, as well as sciences which are not rooted in scientific evidence, do not belong at TEDx events.

Politics and religion: Politics and religion are part of community life; topics based on respect and understanding, without political or religious agendas, propaganda, or partisanship, can be shared.

Your commitment
As a TEDxLaval speaker, you will:

• Attend preparatory coaching meetings (to be announced).

• Attend a main rehearsal as part of the VIP meeting (to be announced).

• Will be onsite for most of the day at TEDxLaval, including for sound checks and photos to be taken in the afternoon, before the cocktail. In the spirit of all things TEDx, attendees LOVE to discuss with speakers during the break and after the event.

• Sign the agreement granting us the right to film and post your talk.

• Follow the instructions and deadlines to ensure the event’s success.

Professional services
To help you put your best face forward, we have on our team some dedicated professionals to support you.
• A photographer to take an attractive shot of you for our website, program social media, etc.
• An appointed coach. The coach’s role is to support you through your preparation, and make sure your talk complies with the TEDx format, which is totally different from what you are used to.

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