Call for Coaches
Deadline : March 22, 2020

TEDxLaval 2020 is seeking four coaches for its October 10, 2020 event


It all began with TED, an organization created in 1984 as part of an international movement with a mission to share ideas worth spreading, bringing together influential thinkers and world leaders under one roof in the following areas: Technology, Entertainment and Design, i.e. TED. Today, it covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues
In 2001, with the phenomenal growth of TED on the Web, TED’s leadership introduced TEDx. TEDx is an event licensed by TED, and based on the format and spirit of TED. The “x” means conference days independently organized by various local communities. A viral phenomenon, TEDx has grown exponentially since it was created. To date, TEDx conferences have taken place in 170 countries. There have been more than 35 000 TEDx events totalling 150,000 conferences viewed over 4,000,000,000 times on YouTube and TEDx sites.

Call for Coaches :

We are currently seeking four volunteer coaches to support the speakers at TEDxLaval’s 5th event. Your role will consist in helping them prepare and practice for their talk, which will take place on October 10, 2020 and featured on

 Task Description :

The coach’s role
Supporting the speakers in articulating the idea they want to share, in a way that is as clear and engaging as possible. The speakers have an innovative idea to share – you are there to help them elevate it, and put forward their best selves. The goal is for the speakers’ videos to be seen by thousands of people across the world.


  • Commit to supporting and coaching one or two speakers as they prepare for their talks.
  • Guide your speaker(s) in properly articulating their idea, message, and visual presentation.
  • Support your speaker(s) in putting forward their best selves.
  • Review and integrate the TED rules and format in order to explain them to your coachee(s) and ensure they follow them.
  • Make sure your speaker(s) abide by the coaching schedule.
  • Take part in the preparatory meeting with the coaching team on April 25.
  • Meet your coachee(s) 1 hour/week through video conferencing or face-to-face.
  • Commit to taking part in the 2020 cohort group meetings: May 2, June 6, and August 15.
  • Follow up as required with the coaching team leader.


Since this is a bilingual event, where speakers will be giving talks either in English or French, we need two English-speaking coaches and two French-speaking coaches with the following profile:

  • Training as a speaker and/or coaching experience.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Ability to see and help your speaker(s) showcase their strengths, so that their colour comes across in their talk.
  • Able to meet your commitments with your coachee(s) and the coaching team.
  • Available 1-2 hours/week.
  • Available for the group coaching session planned in September (TBD).
  • Available in the afternoon and evening of October 10, 2020 for the TEDxLaval event.

Submitting your Application

If you are interested, please let us know by contacting Marie-Claude Lépine, Coaching Manager by email: mc.lepine@gmail or by phone: 514-946-1595.
The deadline to apply is March 22, 2020