Lise Lalande

Music & Memory: enhancing the well-being of people with Alzheimer’s through music

What pieces of music stirs your soul? The Music & Memory programme is about providing a sense of well-being to those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders. It is based on an approach that is both simple and efficient: have people with Alzheimer’s listen to music that has a special meaning for them. Suddenly, it brings joy… awakens memories… takes them to a happier place.

About Lise Lalande

Since her teenage years, Lise Lalande has been involved in community projects and has worked for various non-profit organizations. Guided by the well-being of the community, she is recognized for her leadership. Her actions are focused on knowledge sharing and best practices. Currently the Director of the Alzheimer Society of Laval, she discovered Music & Memory in the fall of 2014. Originating from the United States, this programme is perfectly aligned with her passion for innovation and the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. She contacted its founder Dan Cohen and, in the spring of 2015, the Alzheimer Society of Laval became the first Music & Memory certified organization in Quebec. Since then, the programme has been implemented in other parts of the province.

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